• Fixed interest rate of 3,5% in the first 10 years
  • 0% payment commission
  • The conditions apply to new investments, as well as to refinance of current housing loans in other banks, for recipients of salary over 30,000 denars

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Currency Maximum loan amount Maximum term Annual interest rate
      Nominal interest RTE
EUR none 20 years 3,5% fixed for the first 10 years 3.61%
then 5,2% +6 monthly euribor (min 5,5%)
On-line application and processing of the request
Response to the request within 3 days from the completion of the documentation
Housing loan is used for investment in an apartment/house, but also in the equipment of the new house. With the housing loan are also refinanced the already made investments.
Commissions for housing loan
Payment commission without payment commission
Loan and processing application  850 den.
Assessment 3.000 den.
Reassessment of the living space - per year 3.000 den. 
Commission for early payment maximum 4% if the payment is made with refinancing by another bank
Costs for real estate insurance policy for the pledged real estate from basic risks
Participation 20%
Insurance Mortgage on real estate
Pledged real estate insurance policy vinculated in favor of the bank and renewed for the entire duration of the loan