International payments

Our international payment system allows you to quickly and securely transfer funds to business partners around the world.

ProCredit Bank offers unique and most convenient international payment fees. We have fixed prices for International Payments.

  • Inflows from abroad 0% fee - if your partner abroad choose ProCredit Germany as Correspondent Bank
  • International Payments with fixed fee - 9€ / SHA and 25 € / OUR with free of charge SWIFT
  • International Payments in the ProCredit Group of Banks - 2,5 € fee

The fees are valid for international payments done by the e-banking system of the bank.

NEW ADVANTAGES: ProCredit is the first bank in Macedonia with non-cash transactions in Chinese Yuan (Chinese National Currency).Open your account in Chinese yuan and pay fixed fees for your transfers: 9€ SHA or 25€ OUR.

ProPay international transfers

If you need to accept and send assets from/to a person who is as well a user of an account in any ProCredit bank in the region, the transfer is being realized in the fastest and cheapest way possible.

  • International transfers done within 1 day
  • Inflows with 0% fee
  • International payments with 2,5 € fixed fee regardless of the amount of the payment

The fees are valid for international payments done by the e-banking system of the bank.

These are the countries in the ProPay system of payments: Germany, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Greece.

If you are expecting funds from abroad, complete the following instructions for foreign exchange inflows and forward the document to the sender of the funds.

How much does the service cost?

The bank does not charge a commission fee for incoming funds in EUR and USD received through ProCredit Bank Germany as a correspondent bank.

For other international payments please check ProCredit Bank’s the official price list