Pay fast and secure with the ProPay mobile wallet of ProCredit Bank


ProPay mobile wallet of ProCredit Bank is now available for every client with an active payment card from the Mastercard brand, issued by ProCredit Bank AD Skopje.


What is ProPay mobile wallet?


ProPay mobile wallet is an additional free functionality of ProCredit Bank mobile application, which enables contactless payment at points of sale with POS terminals in the country and abroad.


With the Mobile Wallet, the mobile phone becomes a means of payment for the client, which replaces the need to use cash or payment cards. This new and unique functionality allows you to digitalize MasterCard payment cards issued by ProCredit Bank in the ProPay mobile wallet.


The payment card user can download the mobile application for free from the GooglePlay Store on a mobile device with Android operating system, which supports NFC technology.

ProCredit Bank MasterCard payment cards can simply be digitalized in your mobile wallet and safely stored in your smartphone.

Payment is simple and secure, the user only needs to bring the mobile phone closer to the POS terminal that supports contactless payment.

You can make up to 10 payments without internet connection.


Now leave your wallet at home and pay with your smartphone!!!


* Instalation of the mobile wallet, digitalization of the cards and using the service are free.


* The ProPay mobile application is available for Android devices via a free download from Google Play. You need to have a device with at least Android 4.4 and NFC technology.


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