We understand that you need a simple instrument to enable the safe delivery of goods or payment to business partners abroad. ProCredit Bank therefore offers payment collection services that increase the reliability of business relationships and facilitate work with suppliers and customers.

How does the documentary payment collection service work?

The payment collection service can help you to ensure the quality, quantity and payment of goods. The service entails a set of documents, the content of which has been previously agreed between the parties and which the exporter's bank sends to the bank of the importer.

The payment collection service is a direct and economical process that provides a degree of protection with regards to accuracy, quality, quantity and method of delivery, depending on the content of the payment collection documents.


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How can I apply for a payment collection service?


  • Apply by filling out an application form to issue payment collection documents
  • Request your business partner’s bank to send a loro guarantee to ProCredit Bank
  • For further information, please call our Contact Centre on: 02/ 2446 000 or email us at: