Energy-efficient heating

In order to create heat which is cheaper and as environmentally friendly as possible, it is necessary to install a modern heating system, which use up to 30% less fuel than old-fashioned systems. By doing so, you can reduce your energy budget – the savings can be significant – and your home or work space will become even more comfortable.

Electricity is too expensive to be used for heating: to generate one kilowatt hour of electricity takes about three kilowatt hours of energy in the form of coal or other fuels

Choose between conventional or steam boilers. So-called conventional boilers operate on gas, oil or solid fuel and can be placed either inside or outside the house. They heat water using pumps and, through gravitational circulation, the heated water is led to heaters which warm your home. A maximum efficiency of approximately 84% can be achieved with new boilers when the ratio of air to fuel is properly adjusted and when the heat-transfer surfaces inside the boiler are clean. Steam boilers, burn gas or oil, condense the gases this produces and increases the combustion efficiency by approximately 92%. The purchase price of these boilers is higher than conventional boilers, but the difference in price will be made up in 10 years because of lower energy costs. The degree of efficiency is higher because of heat retention (recuperation).

In addition, air conditioning systems allow buildings to maintain a comfortable temperature during the warmer seasons. In recent years, significant decrease in the price of such cooling devices has led to their increased use in residential buildings. As a consequence, air conditioning significantly affects summer electricity bills. Recently, concerns about energy conservation have made manufacturers of air conditioning systems significantly improve their products, so as to make them more energy efficient. Thanks to energy labels, it is now possible to see how much electricity air conditioners waste.

Think about these aspects before buying a device for heating or cooling. Eco client advisers at all branches of ProCredit Bank will be more than happy to give advice about energy efficient solutions for you.