mastercard debit
One universal card for all your needs!
  • Multi-currency card linked to your accounts in MKD and EUR
  • Pay on all POS terminals anywhere in the world and buy and book online trips
  • Free payment and payment of cash and in our 24/7 Zones
  • 3 times a month free cash payments from all ATMs of other banks in the country
  • Use the network of MasterCard ATMs around the world (see pricelist)
  • 3D security technology
  • Daily limit on card for cash withdrawal - 62.000 MKD
  • Number of ATM transactions per day - 10 transactions
  • Contactless payment at POS terminals up to 2.000 MKD



Enter your data in printed Latin letters


ProCredit Bank's cards are multi-currency and can be linked to one account in MKD and one account in EUR. You select one main account that is related to the payment operations of the terminals at home and abroad, and you have access to the funds on the other account at the ATMs of ProCredit Bank within the zones 24/7 and e-banking

Delivery to the address is done only if you have Electronic Banking to make payments, so that you can, after receiving the card, activate it by yourself through the Electronic Banking platform

I responsibly claim, under the moral, material and criminal responsibility that the data stated in the request are true. I agree that the above data will be processed by ProCredit Bank AD. Skopje for the needs of the electronic application for card. In the event that a business relationship with the Bank does not occur, I agree to delete them from the Bank's base