As of 01.03.2017 we are introducing a SET OF BANKING SERVICES for private clients, including professional banking service from a client advisor and a lot of of benefits adjusted to your needs through 24/7 Zone and e-banking. 

The set of banking services is made available to you at a monthly commission of MKD 120, which will start to be charged from March and will continue to be charged at the end of each calendar month from your current account.

As clients of ProCredit Bank which offers you 24-hour banking and access to your accounts at any time, in order to work with the bank you will need to use a SET OF BANKING SERVICES. The set includes ATM cards for payments in stores and online payments, electronic banking and SMS notifications. In addition, as an extra benefit, your MKD payments in the country via e-banking can be realized WITHOUT FEE. 
You will no longer need to pay all the services separately, now it is all covered by one fee only, which is easier to keep track of on your monthly report.

Unique values of the services are as follows:

Accounts in all currencies

Debit card
o ProCredit cards are a multi-currency cards
o With only one card you have access to all current and savings accounts in MKD and EUR currency on an ATM 
o With the card you can save 24/7, deposit and withdraw money from your savings account on an ATM 

Internet card
o For safe online payments
o You have a complete control over the card’s balance through the electronic banking

Electronic banking
o For payments from your home or office
o Payment of utilities and transfers within the country and abroad 
o An option to exchange your own accounts

SMS notifications
o Practical information via SMS on all transactions on your accounts exceeding 500 denars 

INFO: If you are not a beneficiary of the abovementioned services, you should fill an application.

Bonus: Free MKD payments within the country
o All regular (KIBS) payments for utilities, online payments and payments performed to other bank via electronic banking are commission free

24/7 Zone
o Safe and secure locations where you can deposit and withdraw cash on contemporary and modern ATMs 
o Unique Cash IN ATMs for depositing and withdrawing EUR currency
o Info terminal on which you can pay via electronic banking, with a token or to print a report from your account

Mobile application
o Install the ProCredit Bank’s mobile application on your cell phone (please go to Android or IStore)
o Review all your accounts and information in ProCredit Bank

Useful information and frequently asked questions:

1.  Does the service fee apply, if I don’t have transactions during the month? 
Yes. The clients are in use of all services provided with the Set of services as long as you have the current account. 
2.  If I have more than one current account in ProCredit Bank, do I have separate service fee for each account ?
No. The Service Fee is charged only by client and among the other benefits it covers the monthly maintaining of all accounts you have in ProCredit Bank.

3.  If I don’t have funds on my MKD account, will the fee apply from other currency account with balance?? 
Yes. The fee will be applied from the account which has sufficient balance. 
If the funds on your account is lower than the service fee amount, the other account will be charged for the rest of the fee. 

4. Do the cards and e-bank certificate expire automatically or should I apply? 
They will be automatically renewed in case of 5 transactions done in the course of the last year before their expiry. In all the other situations, it is necessary to apply. 

5. If I need an additional card connected to my account, do I have to pay an additional fee / should I apply? 
You don’t have to pay a fee for an extra, the only thing you need to do is to apply. Please fill the application on our web site or in one of our Service Points. 

6. If I lose the card, will I have an additional cost to apply for a new one?
You don’t have to pay a fee for an extra, the only thing you need to do is to inform the bank for the lost card, in order to be cancelled.