ProCredit Bank has certified its Environment Management System with ISO 14001:2015

ProCredit Bank has successfully finalized the process of certification of the Environment Management System with the international certificate ISO 14001 - 2015. The certification process was performed during December 2016, and its successful completion made ProCredit the first bank in Macedonia with such a certificate. 
An integral part of the key values of ProCredit is the Environment Management System, which presents an active contribution of the bank towards reduction of negative effects for the environment. The efficient use of resources in the internal processes is one of the basic reasons for reduction of the emissions of CO2 in the air, which each business building emits. The act of certification is a confirmation of a successfully established system and institutional practice of sustainable business operations from an environmental aspect and compliance with national and international standards for preservation of the environment. 
‘Our dedication to preserve the environment is visible in the activities that we undertake in our every-day operations. We have introduced electrical vehicles in our vehicle fleet and together with the two new vehicles we are expecting in the first half of the year, we will have a total of seven vehicles available. We are using renewable energy sources for heating, cooling and production of electrical power, thus contributing to reducing the negative effects for the environment. We are continuously implementing measures for efficient use of energy and resources, which has resulted in reduced paper consumption by 70% and energy consumption by 40% in the last three years' was the statement of Metodija Minoski - Responsible in the Environment Management Unit of ProCredit Bank. 
Additionally, ProCredit Bank has placed over 35 mil EUR in loans for investments with a positive contribution for protection of the environment, energy saving and utilization of renewable energy sources and it is the first bank in Macedonia that offers Eco Saving. 
In this manner, ProCredit Bank is imposing new standards in the banking sector, in order to have more responsible management of our environment.