Processing electronic orders, commission free

ProCredit Bank is making continuous efforts to promote the services for their clients and in order to provide more favourable commissions for processing e-banking, we have expanded our cooperation with public and private enterprises that work in the field of utility services. 
From now on, all individual clients and business clients of ProCredit Bank will be able to process orders for utility services FREE of commission charges, for payments made to the following enterprises: 
Central Registry 
Communal Hygiene
MRTV – for broadcasting fees

After processing the orders, there will be no need to verify the order in our branches. It will be sufficient to provide a printed order with the status: PAID IN FULL in order to provide verification for your payment. 
Listed below are the other companies with which ProCredit Bank is cooperating and to which you can make commission free payments: 
Water Supply Company Bitola
PE Water Supply and Sewerage Skopje
Balkan Energy Group
AD District Heating System (Toplifikacija)
Provision west/east/center 
ESM – EVN for Electrical Power Supply
PE Komunalec Bitola
PE Komunalec Gostivar
PE Communal Hygiene Skopje
PE Civil Engineering Ohrid
PE Ohridski Komunalec
Civil Engineering Bitola
Kabelnet Prilep
Robi Cable TV Shtip
AD Macedonian Telecom 
Neotel DOO